Occupy Wall Street? Flying Planes into the World Trade Center? This is a War against Capitalism

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster.com

Capitalism employs the middle class. If there is no capitalism; there will be no middle class. – Steve Cooper 



I need to go back to basics due to about 50 years of public school and media brainwashing. Watching “Dancing with the Stars” and your kid kicking a soccer ball is all that you care about. The financial system is cracking due to fighting wars that we are not allowed to win. These wars are just, because many Muslims around the world are being brutalized by their own Governments under Sharia Law. This behavior is acceptable to the International Leftists and fanatical Islamists that are allies and they are united to destroy the USA, Israel and Capitalism.

This is what I call ‘Terrorist Mulit-tasking’.

First, the Marxists attacked the World Trade Center (the Financial Center of NYC) and Pentagon via their Muslim proxies to drag us into these wars. Then they smother our fighting capabilities when Bush was in office by shouting “baby killer” and by using Political Correctness. Where are all of the anti-War protesters now? I guess killing Muslim babies is fine when a Marxist is doing it, but not fine when a Republican is doing it? 

Then they send their little Anarchist robots to protest Wall Street and against Capitalism. Most of these punks are rich kids that are living off of Mommy and Daddy. Where are these protesters getting money to live in expensive Manhattan? They make themselves up to look poor and dirty, but they are educated and indoctrinated spoiled brats. Many of the Muslim terrorists are educated as well in Physics and Engineering. WE are educating them. Last week, a Muslim was arrested for plotting to send a home made drone into the Pentagon with explosives, but I am a racist for mentioning this? Islam is not a race? It is a political system like Communism, but nice try.  

The collapse of the American economic system is being staged the same way that the USSR staged their collapse after their Afghanistan war.

I saw some of these protesters holding up 9/11 Truther signs, but this was ignored by the media. Why? Many of the 9/11 Truthers are radical Leftists and Muslims that blame Bush and Israel for 9/11. They are propagandists for the enemy and they are doing this to confuse the sheep away from the real culprits. The International Marxists and Muslims.

The goal is to shatter U.S. economy and spread it’s military around the globe to ensure it’s defeat via bleeding to death by 1,000 cuts of a sword. It is working like a charm as you all walk around like zombies saying “Never Forget”. Never Forget what? The REAL WAR hasn’t even started yet folks. Don’t worry, you will “Never Forget” the next 9/11 either. 

The tentacles of Al Qaeda lead to Iran and Pakistan. This is not conspiracy theory; these are facts that have been stated in front of Congress by Generals. These two countries are terrorist proxies of Russia and China, but this fact has NOT been mentioned in front of Congress. 

The Occupy Wall Street protesters are calling for ‘Social Justice’ and ‘redistribution of wealth’. The media loves to use these communist code words, without using the words ‘communism or socialism’. Why are the words communism and socialism banned from all media? The media has no problem shouting “right winger, Nazi or Hitler” all day long. The media wants to confuse you that Fascism and Nazism are different than Communism and Socialism. This is a LIE.

Hitler was a National Socialist, Castro is a Cuban Socialist, Mao was a Chinese Socialist, Lenin and Stalin were Russian Socialists and Obama is a Kenyan Socialist. Give Obama some time and he will leave the same trail of bodies that they did. The USA is ripe for unrest and this is what THEY WANT, because the 2012 election can’t be won fair and square. Expect the largest voter fraud movement in the history of the world if there is an election. Who is going to investigate it? Eric Holder?

The real goal of these protests is to spark civil unrest and a civil war to justify Martial Law being declared in the USA. The Democrats are doing everything that they accused Bush of doing back during his administration. Laying the foundation for a dictatorship. Economic instability, terrorism and unrest is a great way to get the ball rolling.

Our mortal enemies want Obama to stay in office, because they are from the SAME MOLD. This is why they handed over Bin Laden to Obama on a silver platter, because OBL out lived his usefulness and he was needed to prop up their Marxist Wonder, Obama. You people have watched too many Rambo movies if you think that the Navy Seals flew 30 miles into the heart of Pakistan’s Military center untouched.

You are witnessing the final stages of the war against Capitalism and it is being internationally orchestrated. Vladimir Putin announced that he will run for President in 2012. Russia and China are UNITED. Russia sells about $6-7 Billion in weapons per year to their terrorist proxies and they are the #1 oil exporter in the world. Yes, Russia passed Saudi Arabia years ago, but this is never mentioned, because they want your guard down.

The Russians still have plenty of bio and chemical weapons that could be stolen and handed to terrorists. Suitcase nukes could also ruin your day if they are set off inside a major city. Missiles are not needed, they are just a distraction. The USA, Russia and China all have the capability to deflect incoming missiles with HAARP and Scalar weapons, but this will not be necessary if they have an “insider” in the White House. 

Russia and China are Iran and Pakistan’s big brother. These two countries are assisting in the killing of U.S. Soldiers all around the world and they have no been punished ONCE.

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