Occupy Wall Street Rioter takes a Sh*t on NYPD Vehicle

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster.com

Pelosi, Obama, Ron Paul and the rest of the closet Communists support vermin like the low life in this photo that is going to the bathroom on a police vehicle. I have been to many Tea Party protests and I have never seen behavior like this at any of them. I have never seen the police touch one protester at a Tea Party, because the patriots that attend them are orderly and respectful, unlike the left wing trash at the Occupy Wall Street ‘riots’.

This is not about ‘Occupying Wall Street’. This is really about destroying Capitalism and society in general, but the American people are sleeping. The super wealthy are supporters of Obama and the Marxist agenda.

– Do these idiotic protesters really believe that the super wealthy want to give them a fair share? Do they really think that Obama will give them wealth and happiness after it is stolen from others?

– Maybe the reason why corporations are not hiring right now is because they are waiting to see what this Obama agenda is really about? Fear of what the future will bring? Like, higher taxes and massive inflation maybe? This debt has to be paid somehow.

– The super wealthy want to be elevated to the highest class of society while the middle class sink to the bottom of the pit. 

Many have ignored my warnings and that is why I chose to put less effort into all of this. You will find out THE HARD WAY what this all is really about. Let me repeat myself: “Your parents and grandparents should have listened to Senator McCarthy”.  

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