Oct. 2010: India in Talks to Buy 300 Russian Fighter Jets; Working Together to Build a New Generation Fighter Jet

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster.com

Russia and the USA are currently in a tug o’ war over India. India is an important ally for the USA if we ever go to war against Pakistan or China. The Russians are trying to undermine that relationship and that is why this Obama trip really is important, but did he really need to be so wasteful? That is the real question…Obama’s arrogance and elitism.

India is a very important strategic partner for the USA and they are also a threat to China as well. This is the real behind the scenes dirt that not one reporter in the media has reported and that is why The Conservative Monster is one of a kind. Libertarian isolationists want to discourage international deals and that shows how clueless they are about the global conspiracy to destroy the USA. These alliances are very important and our enemies in Moscow know this very well.  

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