Orchestrated Protests Creating Global Chaos?

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster


The Russian terror proxies are taking turns with the global psych warfare and distraction. Iran, Syria, North Korea and now Egypt. – Steve Cooper


The protests in Turkey and Egypt are most likely being orchestrated by Russia and Iran.


Senior Egyptian Military probably made deals with the Russians to oust Morsi and the massive protests were used as a excuse. This was done to embarrass the US and weaken influence in the Middle East. Plus, it destabilized the region and that raised the price of oil. It is a win/win situation for Russia and Iran.


There is NO WAY that the Egyptian Military would go against the US wishes unless they had the approval of Vladimir Putin. The Russians control the Middle East; not the US Military or Obama. Plus, it is no secret that the Soviet Union has wanted a global Marxist revolution for quite some time. Do you think that changed when they took down the Berlin Wall?


Again, all of the American blood spilled in the Middle East was for NOTHING.


Obama withdrew the troops from Iraq and the US lost a major strategic advantage over Iran when he surrendered. Obama didn’t wind down the wars…HE SURRENDERED.


Also, read my 9/11 archives for my theories on how the attacks were really an attack against Capitalism. This is why Leftists, Libertarians and Muslims all seem to be on the same page when it comes to Muslim terrorism.

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