Oregon Shooter Jacob Tyler Roberts had Anarchist Tattoos on his arm

Jacob Tyler Roberts

Steve Cooper

Notice this tattoo of a star on the arm of the Oregon mall shooter Jacob Tyler Roberts? That is a popular tattoo among Anarchists. Many other people get that tattoo without even knowing that is a symbol that Anarchists seem to embrace.

Nobody in the media has the guts to push that Jacob Tyler Roberts was possibly an anarchist, because the anarchists are an important tool of the Anti-Capitalism movement within the Democrat Party.

These Anarchists tend to be violent, very Anti-God and Anti-Capitalism. These radicals are deeply rooted with the Occupy Wall Street movement.

I have been warning about the potential of these mass murder shooting sprees for a long time. Things like this happen when you teach children to embrace Darwin and Marx instead of GOD.

The Democrats boo’ed God at the 2012 convention. So, you have to be in a coma to be shocked by what is happening with today’s youth. Liberal Academia is brainwashing them to hate society and to desire revolution to being change.

These young kids then do research on Socialist Revolution and they see the blood that Lenin, Castro, Hitler and Che Guevara spilled as the only answer to bring “change”.

Obama and his radical pal Bill Ayers are revolutionaries as well. Ayers was radical enough to go commit acts of terror, but Obama and the Democrats ‘inspire and inflame’ others to take to the streets and bring real change. Well, that is what these mass murder shooters are doing.

A friend of the Connecticut school shooter, Adam Lanza stated that he was not shocked by Lanza’s mass murder spree. I predict that Connecticut investigators will bury Lanza’s political views and just dismiss him as crazy to cover up the fact that he was a product of the Anti-Society mindset that is being pushed onto the youth by liberals.

James Holmes, the suspected Colorado movie theater shooter was a scientist. Again, he fits my psychological profile of an Anti-God Darwinist, because many science majors are brainwashed. The judge has banned release of any of Holmes school records and information to prevent a mistrial. Expect those records to disappear after the trial is over as well.

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Here is another example

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11 thoughts on “Oregon Shooter Jacob Tyler Roberts had Anarchist Tattoos on his arm”

    1. I think I get it, Steve: anyone who commits mass murder is a liberal Democrat because you have enough information about their motivation to make an accurate assessment. Correct?

  1. Conservative Monster ‏@cnin
    The Democrats are exploiting the victims from the CT school shooting the same way that they exploited dead US Soldiers during the Iraq War.

  2. You truly are a small minded individual that wants to see things the way you do so you will never actually learn from your own closed mind. Religion and “God” have nothing to do with these individuals killing others. Its something else that is personal within them that you nor I can speak on as fact because all we have are opinions which in reality don’t matter much when trying to actually solve an issue.

    You seem more concerned with the separation of society and pitting people against each other thinking it will somehow make progress when in reality you and your small mind are just running in circles and getting nowhere.

    Turn off your Tell lie vision that feeds you a false reality with hopes of making the world look out of control and crazy so you will give up hope and resort to pointing fingers. If you want real change than keep an open mind and talk to people about their problems instead of playing American idol with it and just looking for something to criticize or pass judgement on. That will get you nowhere in life.

    Psychology is the most valued tool on the planet. It is used to control our population and to create separation amongst us so we can never work as a team and overcome our issues. Americans tend to hate one another for no real reason other than what they see on Tv.

    TV and Media run and ruin your life.

    Here is an example of things that push people to the edge. Finding out who really runs what and how long you have been a puppet for a fake agenda. Reality is no fun for some.


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