O’Reilly falsely claims Conn. was residence for Obama Sr

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster.com

For those of you that are in a coma and for the rest that attack the
Obama eligibility protestors – Obama’s SS# comes back to Connecticut and he never lived there. Explain that one, because Robert Gibbs could not. So far this guy is from Hawaii, Kenya and now Connecticut. Many powerful people are involved with this cover up and that is why Fox News will not report this issue FAIR and BALANCED. Bill O’ has his integrity on the line here, because him and that idiot Beck swore up and down that Obama is a U.S. Citizen, but they would never dare say the words NATURAL BORN CITIZEN. 

Still, I see Tea Party sheep on the Internet that do not get it or they attack Trump for demanding answers about Obama’s deception in regards to his eligibility. These are the same dim wits that were sleeping the past 30-40 years, but they are a flag waving patriot all of the sudden. I got news for you…you are TOO LATE. I have been screaming about communism and the left wing traitors in the Democrat party since 1979 (I was only 15 years old), but everyone dismissed me as some crazy kid.    

Trump has more guts than ALL OF YOU and he is putting his life on the line by demanding answers about Obama’s ineligibility. He has the Democrats and Republicans shivering in fear and what do you idiots do? You attack Trump also. Why? because you are brainwashed fools, that is why. I have always stated that it is impossible to brainwash me, because I have a strong mind and I know all of the communist lies. What do communists do when they are caught in lies? They smear and attack. This is what we are seeing today with the so called “bither” movement. 

My cousins daughter deleted me on Facebook, because I dared to call her professors Marxist on her Facebook page. That is a capital punishment offense, because there is no such thing as Marxists in left wing fantasy land. Left wingers like her hide under the name progressives now. I outed her on Facebook and that is the communists greatest fear. Most of the college kids are brainwashed anti-American leftists like her and that is why this country is doomed. They avoid me like the plague, because I go right for their throat WITH THE TRUTH.  

These bastards in the media will stop at nothing to cover up their fingerprints in the Obama eligibility conspiracy. Allegedly aiding in conspiracy that covered up multiple felonies committed by then Senator Obama, Treason and actions that are a danger to national security.

I would have everyone from Beck to Matthews investigated, interrogated and then charged.

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