Orly Taitz addresses the NH Ballot Board about Obama’s 2012 application “This is bigger than Watergate”

Steve Cooper
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Brilliant testimony by Orly Taitz where she accuses Obama of committing numerous felonies and of obtaining a fraudulent SS#. Orly has certainly done her homework on this issue and she has dedicated her life to finding out the truth.

It is safe to say that we are already living under communism judging by the corruption that we are witnessing with the Obama Eligibility issue and the massive voter fraud in the 2008. Obama is immune to investigation or prosecution due to the fact that he is a tool of the Marxists. It would be a totally different story if we were talking about George Bush or Sarah Palin’s refusal to hand over ANY document.

Orly also produced evidence from experts that stated Obama’s birth certificate that he released this past year was a forgery. Orly also submitted a copy of Obama’s income tax form and Selective Service form where this mysterious SS# appears. The Natural Born Citizenship Issue was brought up as well.

The evidence is overwhelming and the desperation to cover up this titanic conspiracy is even bigger. When I did interviews about the Eligibility Issue I would always say “This is not a conspiracy theory; This is a CONSPIRACY”.     

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