Pakistan destroys Bin Laden’s compound in the dark of night

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

The International Community wants Obama getting re-elected, because he is the final piece of the ‘Communist World Government’ puzzle. At this point, the Republicans are afraid to go up against this International alliance and that explains all of the RINO’S.

The Republicans don’t want to deny the first black president from being re-elected. That would be racist. This is all for show.

– Steve Cooper

Pakistan destroys Bin Laden’s compound in the dark of night

I find it interesting that Pakistan is doing this 8 months before Election Day 2012. Why is this important? Obama wants bragging rights for getting Bin Laden, but he doesn’t want Pakistan to be embarrassed that they harbored a terrorist.

Bin Laden outlived his usefulness and the whole feud with Pakistan and Obama after the Navy Seals mission was staged. Do you really think that those helicopters were flown into the heart of a neighborhood where many of Pakistan’s Military leaders lived without prior knowledge? You have watched Rambo too many times.

The Axis of Evil (Russia, China, Iran, Pakistan) allowed Obama to get Bin Laden, the big trophy, because this Axis supports Obama. Castro, Chavez, leaders of Hamas are just a few that have endorsed Obama. These are the same Moscow surrogates that are funding Al Qaeda. 

The Leftist Libertarians all shouted that 9/11 was an inside job, Bush was in bed with Al Qaeda and Bin Laden, because they didn’t want you to look at the alliance between the American Left and Islamic terrorists.

Unholy Alliance: Radical Islam And the American Left by David Horowitz

The Democrats voted for the Iraq War, they said there were WMD’s, they waited for boots on the ground and then they undermined the troops so they could win in 2006 and 2008. They sold out the troops to attain power; the Democrats have American, Muslim and Israeli blood on their hands. I am sure that John Murtha is burning in hell right now ‘due to the pressure’ of the fire.

Saddam’s WMD’s in Syria a threat once again?

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