‘Pakistan, Russia allies in every sense of word: Putin

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster.com

I hope that you all can see the big picture by now and you are blind if you can not. Pakistan is playing both sides and they are following Russia’s orders to keep the Americans involved in this bloody and costly war. Pakistan helps us half assed and then we catch them helping the Taliban the next week.

I believe this is a message to Obama the Zero from Putin not to even think of attacking Pakistan. This war is a proxy war with Russia and China, because Pakistan, North Korea, Venezuela and Iran are their puppets (There are many more, but these are the major players). They are all united and they are trying to overwhelm our military and economy by spreading this war via their proxies Al Qaeda, the Taliban and Hezbollah.

They want the American people to grow weary of these wars that are NOT winnable due to left wing rules of engagement and the communist controlled media puppets. The U.S. Military leaders know damn well what is going on and they are guilty of treason to allow this, because they are assisting with the destruction of the United States by remaining silent.

They (the Russians) want to spread our military out as thin as possible until it is broken. What will you all do when this country gets hit hard and then 200 million Chinese and Russian soldiers invade? The bulk of our military is overseas and by then the USA will be too poor to ship them back anyway.

Our economic/military collapse and eventual surrender is being staged as we speak. Muslim terrorists are the foot soldiers in this war, but they are just useful idiots for the Marxists in the background – Russia and China.  This is all just part of the plan to destroy the USA and freedom. 

9/11, the economic collapse, the wars, the march towards socialism are all connected, but please do not alert the American idiots, because they are busy shopping for their toys. The sound of the nukes going off will be their wake up call, but it will be too late by then.

Libertarians like Ron Paul and the idiots that follow him say that the USA’s policies are the problem? It is Israel? What side is Paul really on? He is a congressman and he has access to some of the intel (it would not shock me if he is blocked from the important intel), so he knows what and who the real danger is, but he chooses to lie to the people about it instead.

We have no choice but to strike Russia and China with everything we
got, because they are pushing us into a corner. Would you rather live
free or die like a coward? Putin is just drooling as he watches us bleed, die and go broke. We are ripe for destruction soon and he knows it, so does China. That is the real reason why North Korea had their little stunt the other day, because this is ALL CONNECTED.

Our enemies know that we are in a high state of paranoia right now
due to the wars, the Marxist in the White House and the economy. This was all done to weaken and
traumatize the people with shock and awe. Now, stage 2 is coming and I
have been waiting years for this, but they see that we are ready for
it now. The Russian and Chinese proxies Iran and North Korea are just a distraction. They are something that the Marxists want you to look at so, you are not looking at them.

Glenn Beck always talks about looking at the other hand and this is the same thing, but once again he lacks the guts to talk about Putin and the Russian threat. Michael Savage’s Russian background seems to have silenced his criticism of Russia as well and that makes me the lone wolf in this fight (along with Jeff Nyquist).

To top it all off the Russians want us to disarm some nukes with this START Treaty that moron Obama wants to pass in the Senate? The USA can not and should not disarm anything in this dangerous world. I say it is time to unleash hell on our evil enemies in Iran, Russia, Pakistan and China. Time is running out…

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