Panetta “Israel will attack Iran in Spring 2012”

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

CNN just went on over 10 minutes about Israel attacking Iran this spring, but never mentioned Russia once. Russia built the Iranian nuke plants and they have threatened ‘severe’ consequences if the West attacks Iran. Russia and China are clearly enablers of the Iranian terrorist state. The Obama Administration and the media wants to cleanse the Russian alliance to terrorism off of the minds of the people.

One of the goals here is to turn the Tea Party into an anti-war movement, because they don’t trust “Obama the Marxist” during wartime. That Bin Laden raid was a ground ball handed to Obama by the terrorists to help his horrible poll numbers.  

I have always felt that an attack on Iran would spark retaliation against the USA. Israel will then be blamed to turn the American people against Israel. You will see the Ron Paul crowd chant this the loudest, because they are the biggest Jew haters out there.

It is strange that the CNN website didn’t have an article about this story, but other sites did.,7340,L-4184694,00.html

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