Did Obama ban the media from his vacation because he was meeting another man?

Reggie Love and Obama

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

There were always rumors about Obama and his old pal and former assistant, Reggie Love. I find it interesting that Reggie Love went away with Obama on Valentines Weekend instead of his wife MICHELLE. It is funny that the media didn’t question why Barack and Michelle took separate vacations on Valentines weekend.

I guess the White House leaked the Tiger Woods story to deflect attention away from Obama meeting his old ‘pal’, Reggie Love?

I guess the media stooges don’t want to ‘out Barry’ the same way they blacked out the Birther issue. The Birthers were right …by the way. Even Obama’s publisher admitted that he was born in Kenya.



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8 thoughts on “Did Obama ban the media from his vacation because he was meeting another man?”

    1. The rumors about Obama and Reggie Love are nothing new. There was talk that Michelle wanted Reggie out of the White House, because Barack was always with him.

      Well it seems that they were reunited on Valentine’s weekend as Michelle went skiing.

      I am sure that our blood thirsty enemies are real afraid of our closet gay president.

  1. he’s not even half black. he;s half white, about 44% middle eastern and only 6% black. he has no more in common with than the average black person in america than that other murdering scumbag, oj, does.

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