Police Confront Law Abiding Citizens and Veterans During Protest

Steve Cooper

Obama is an evil man and a coward for putting the Police in the middle of his political game like this. Leftists like Obama have spent their entire lives undermining the US Military. Why is anyone shocked by this?

Obama is the most divisive President in my entire 49 years on this Earth.

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6 thoughts on “Police Confront Law Abiding Citizens and Veterans During Protest”

  1. I think the comment in the beginning by one Vet is priceless “you should have brought more guys”. Sending in this force was unwarranted, there was nothing happening that was out of line. Stunning really what took place yesterday. Our Vets are heroes, on and off the battlefield.

  2. Another thing that was priceless was the fact that Obama was in the whitehouse while these Vets showed up at his door to return his “barrycades”. I am sure he was outraged by it, HOW DARE THEM defy the King.

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