Police Recover 52 Molotov Cocktails Linked to Bombing Plot of Oklahoma Churches

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Steve Cooper


UPDATE –  A man claiming to be a friend of Gregory A. Weiler II states that he was NOT part of the Occupy Wall Street movement. I think he would have fit right in with that crowd.



Gregory A. Weiler II was arrested for allegedly planning to bomb dozens of Churches in Oklahoma. Police recovered 52 Molotov Cocktails from a dumpster as evidence.

I am curious if Gregory A. Weiler II was linked to Occupy Wall Street in any way. Did he attend protests? What was his major in Bradley University? What were his thoughts about Darwinism, Global Warming and Marxism?

The suspect must really despise religion for him to allegedly plot something so evil. He fits the profile of a Communist/Atheist, because from my experience they seem to hate religion more than anyone else. He certainly doesn’t sound like a Christian Conservative to me. The left owns this suspected revolutionary and he is a product of Liberal Academia just like the rest of the radical leftists.  

Religious leaders are silent about the Communist, Atheist and Muslim threat to destroy religion and it is a damn shame. The censorship of Communism is already here.

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  1. hey steve that news you just post where city i live. here my hometown new paper web site. http://www.miamiok.com/ my dad believe it could be this guy with the al-Qaeda or other group.for years my dad told me that russia want take over.i do agree.im glad you post this.i about tell you about this news. i do agree it a shame that people are silent.

  2. Steve,

    I knew Greg and had grown up with him. No he is/ was never tied to the al-Qaeda group, and no he did not despise religion all of his life. He was not a part of Occupy whatsoever. He has 2 major mental illnesses and if you read further about him you will understand that he does not think like a normal human being because of these illnesses and his past. Yes what he did was wrong but such accusations should not be said unless they are actually fact.

    1. Mental illness? What? Liberalism? I never said he was a Muslim or Al Qaeda. I am interested to see his college essays on Marxism and Darwin. Was he an Atheist? These things need to be answered. It is safe to say that he was no Christian, Conservative Tea Party guy..

    2. He is innocent until proven guilty. I am just stating the psychological profile of someone that wants to blow up dozens of churches. I am sure that he was a ‘good guy’. I am sure that Occupy would have welcomed your pal with OPEN ARMS.

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