Police Scanner: Did the Police Try to Burn Out Chris Dorner?

I have no problem with this at all…

Dorner was in the cabin and he allegedly shot two more cops, killing one of them…

COOK HIM…if he don’t leave on his own. He apparently took his own life…

10 thoughts on “Police Scanner: Did the Police Try to Burn Out Chris Dorner?”

  1. I don’t have a problem with it, either. Not that I would want to deny Dorner due process and not as punishment. But Dorner would have to want the due process of law that was his God-given right enough to surrender to police and let the justice system do its job. It would be foolish and insane to try to force Dorner to accept due process of the law that was rightfully his at the cost of the lives of more cops or other innocents.

    Dorner voluntarily forfeited due process of law in favor of death.

    1. police are allowed to use deadly physical force when a criminal is using deadly physical force against them.

      The police said they used a pyro tear gas.

      The idiot should have surrendered he’d still be alive… too bad.

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