5 thoughts on “Poll: Should Koreans be deported since North Korea is threatening to nuke the USA?”

  1. What if Koreans are involved with terrorism AFTER an attack does happen? The chances of this are slim of course…but never say never. We don’t know what foreign enemies are hidden in society. There are many Russian, Chinese and Iranian terrorists already in the US. Why not Koreans?

  2. Why not just put them in camps, as was done with the Japanese? I look after a Japanese couple in their 80s . The range in ages of their family in the camp was from 40 (the dad) to 10 yrs old. (the kids)
    If their is an escalation of tensions btwn NK and USA, it is a process that MUST be considered. My Japanese friends did not suffer in the camps and were able to go on with their various business , go to school, etc., after the war.

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