President Obama and First Lady Appear Stunned After First Debate – 2012 Debate – Fox Nation

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Steve Cooper


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  1. this pic would be great for one of those cartion type contests, mine would be, mioochelle asks, who forgot to spot dumbass the c, the a and the t to spell cat?

  2. I was reading the Wall Street Journal today. They reported on a survey they did of small business owners. Of the people in the survey 62% said they were against Obamacare, and about 2/3 will vote for Romney with only 19% will vote for Obama, This is understandable as 53% of the people are Republicans and just 12% are Democrats. The winner of the election will thus be Mitt, right on! Well no, 70% of the people in the survey think Obama will win. Maybe Obama thinks he did bad last night but the die may be cast already in his favor.

  3. You’d think that those two would already be well aware that he’s dumber than a box of rocks.

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