2 thoughts on “President Obama Continues to Alienate Atheists | Atheist Revolution”

  1. “John explains precisely why atheists should find the President’s speech offensive:

    It cuts to the center of so many of the discriminating comments that us atheists face—those regarding morality and the purpose of life. It leads people to derisively ask atheists “how can we be good without god?” and “without god, what is the purpose of life?” These questions are a source of great pain for many atheists who are discriminated against.”

    They are pained, and greatly so, by questions? Really? By questions, not statements? Never mind that that they’re the kinds of questions no one really knows the answers to, that we can only guess. And never mind that the hypocrites don’t care if they cause believers great pain by referring to their god(s) and religion(s) as superstitions and myths. Those are among the questions that philosophers and others have asked throughout written history.

    For the love of no god, what a bunch of crybabies they are.

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