Pro-Russian WikiLeaks founder praises Rand Paul Republicans

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster


The Libertarian movement that we are dealing with today is nothing more than a Left Wing movement disguising themselves as Conservatives. They have many people fooled, because they use communist propaganda along side their Conservative comments on the economy. They say what Conservatives want to hear to grab their attention. This is how they bait you all in…but not me.

The 9/11 Truther movement is 100% Muslim and Communist propaganda that is run by so called Libertarians that despise Israel and ‘bankers’.

Cliff Kincaid is the only one that GETS IT, but some Conservatives still don’t see it due to lies and media brainwashing.


Assange’s praise of Rand Paul made big headlines on the Russia Today (RT) propaganda channel. Assange’s pro-Rand Paul statements were alsofeatured by the Voice of Russia radio.

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