Prosecutor to Ariel Castro: “Now you are the CAPTIVE”!

Steve Cooper

Give him a 3 day trial and then execute him. Let me handle the justice system and I will fix it immediately. This one is a ground ball…

Charles Ramsey 2016?

Amanda Berry Witness: “I knew there was a problem when a ‘pretty white girl’ ran into the arms of a black man”

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5 thoughts on “Prosecutor to Ariel Castro: “Now you are the CAPTIVE”!”

      1. I would say that they should just let him off himself. But he may know shit that law enforcement should know. There could have been other victims that died in his custody. Since his brothers have also been arrested, it’s possible that his home was/is part of a larger sexual slavery ring. Or other things I’ve not even thought of because I’m not law enforcement.

        So, with that in mind, I say they give Allen West a couple of hours with him and then let him kill himself.

    1. There is a good chance that your neighbor has hostages tied up in his basement if he lives alone, but he comes home with a tray of sodas from McDonalds everyday. #common sense

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