Psychological Profile of James Holmes: Educated, Unemployed Revolutionary

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Steve Cooper




I have investigated the links between Atheism, Darwinism and Marxism for the past 5 years. Radical Darwinists are the most intolerant and hateful people that I have ever encountered on the Internet. I became fascinated by them and I noticed that many of them are highly intelligent and deeply into Science just like James Holmes, but they have an evil side to them due to their belief that God doesn’t exist. Mix this with brainwashing on Marxist revolution and you can get easily create a mass murderer.



“It is time for McCarthyism in the College Universities, because these liberal professors are building time bombs via brainwashing. Did James Holmes idolize Darwin, Guevara, Lenin?

College Professors romanticize Marxist Revolutionaries like Lenin, Che Guevara and Fidel Castro. That is why these college kids are snapping.” – Steve Cooper



Psychological Profile of James Holmes: Educated, Unemployed Revolutionary. How am I qualified to make this determination? Well, I have been warning about these brainwashed college time bombs for years on my website.

There are NO JOBS, for these well educated college kids that have been brainwashed by their ‘Liberal Professors’. So, how do you bring about ‘Change’? Bloody Revolution is the answer and that is what I believe the Colorado shooting suspect James Holmes intended to do. I would look at the professors that brainwashed James Holmes rather than blaming his guns.

There are millions of gun owners, but they are not committing massacres. Why? Well, they are not brainwashed Marxist Revolutionaries. Most of them are law abiding American patriots that have a right to protect their family from these radical college leftists.

Why is the media not mentioning the suggestion that this Honor Student was brainwashed to be a revolutionary by his professors? The answer is that these Leftist Professors are part of the very same Establishment that wants to DISARM you.


“Socialism, Marxism and Revolution” is being spoon fed to your kids in college, but the ‘experts’ never bring this up when these unemployed time bombs goes off. It is time for McCarthyism in the College Universities, because these liberal professors are building time bombs via brainwashing.


I suspect that James Holmes felt that there was no hope for his future regardless of his intelligence. So, he wanted to bring about change somehow to society. That change was to start a REVOLUTION.


I find it interesting that CNN keeps repeating over and over how well educated James Holmes was. They keep repeating “Honor student going for his PhD”. Why are they doing this? My opinion is that this is a subliminal message to other “unemployed Marxist Revolution time bombs” like Holmes that now is the time to bring about ‘change’.

There are many more brainwashed Marxist Revolutionary time bombs like Holmes that could be violent soon, because they want to bring about ‘Change’ (a code word for Revolution).

James Holmes fits the profile of a Occupy Wall Street Leftist that hides behind the label as an Anarchist. The media is being sympathetic to Holmes right now, because he is ONE OF THEM. The media would be on a full assault against the Tea Party if Holmes belonged to the Tea Party like ABC tried to do yesterday…until they apologized.


I dare the media to look at James Holmes essays on Marx and Darwin. They won’t, because this is the bedrock of college brainwashing.





MSNBC: Don’t Blame Darwin for the Colorado Shooting


  1. The media is painting James Holmes as crazy, because they want to cover the fact that he was a product of brainwashing by leftist professors. Liberal professors are pumping these kids up to be Revolutionaries, but the Establishment will blame guns instead so they can be banned.

  2. Smart but troubled teenager finds meaning in revolution for economic distortion. But why does a kid do that..I think it’s because they’re afraid of women…these girls are responsible for cases of Holmes. we would like, but do not give these girls a kiss. these girls are very shy.. Holmes’s problem ?? Girls and sex

    1. My point is who made the biggest impression on James Holmes. His excellent grades point to his professors. They would know more about what influenced him, but the media would never go there. They protect the leftist academia.

  3. Since the STATE CONTROLLED MEDIA can’t be trusted anymore, an objective person must rely on instincts, known facts, and look for inconsistencies that will invariably come to light not only in the biased reporting but especially in what is not reported. So far I have not heard a peep on how this heavily armed, rapidly firing madman was captured and by whom. How was this so easily done without a few bullet holes in police or police cars. I’m sure that at some point we will hear how that was supposedly done, but you would think that the scene and details of the apprehension would be in the first reports…maybe the script hasn’t been written yet?? In the case of a masked unidentifiable suspect, an agent provokateur could do the crime then disappearing the smoke and confusion while the fall guy who has been water boarded and brainwashed through known techniques like the “MK ULTRA” protocol (mind control) has already confessed hours or days before and already in custody. It’s funny how these mad men often calmly give themselves up at a later point and are apprehended standing around confused looking waiting to confess. Regardless you will always see that anti
    gun legislation come rumbleing forth right behind each one of these Hegelian episodes. Create the problem, demonstrate and agitate, then legislate. Gee…I wonder if a baseball bat, or a pair of ice skates or maybe a loaf of really hard stale bread could be considered an assault weapon….next time someone drowns maybe we should ban swimming or water altogether????????????

    1. The Universities are producing an assembly line of Marxist Revolutionaries as Obama ensures there are no jobs available when they graduate. — The C Monster (@cnin)

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      1. Congress needs to investigate what these liberal professors taught James Holmes. – Steve Cooper — The C Monster (@cnin)

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        1. The Democrats want to talk about gun control rather than marxist brainwashing in the universities. – steve cooper — The C Monster (@cnin)

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  4. So now he will be run through the formalities of batteries of psychological testings which will result in a diagnosis of severe psychosis, though none will ever dare to admit that institutionalized brainwashing created the mess that he is. Near ALL of our institutions of “higher” learning are so infiltrated that to start sifting through now would require that all too many be completely shut down, and that is just not going to happen, in light the the Liberal agenda that’s been in place for quite some time now. Hence, I predict, there will be no such investigation. Of course, I could be wrong.

  5. I’m sure we all know by now that I left “J” school to become a fulltime secretary and part time mother in the ’80s. I had quite a good professor with whom I shared many conversations regarding the new phenomena of conglomerates publishing the news in a more ‘national’ format. Hometown papers soon went the way of telephone party lines! The first one to do this was USA today. You can’t stop technology, though I have never bought a single issue of that rag!
    The whole media has been corrupted because of useful idiots who went along with all this B/S. My only mistake in dropping out of college was losing touch with that professor.
    None of you know I dropped out of college or anything else about me and probably couldn’t care less. I just thought I’d be a ‘joker’. LOL
    Steve, I’ve been out of the loop for a while but I’m so glad you haven’t been 🙂 NO ONE in the media or ANYWHERE else has connected Holmes’ to anarchy in any way. I agree with your assessment 100%

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