Putin Bashes NATO…AGAIN

Putin Bashes NATO…AGAIN

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster.com

How is NATO a threat to the Russians if they allow NATO to use air space and railway routes to carry supplies to Afghanistan? Putin would never allow this if NATO indeed was a threat to their security. Russia ‘allows’ this, because they want US Troops involved in a bloody war with their proxies Iran and Pakistan. Yes, they are Russian proxies. The Cold War never ended, Reagan and Gingrich never defeated Communism. We wouldn’t be in this mess if THEY DID, but it is just a Republican lie. The Communists laugh every time they hear this lie.

I think someone should tell Putin that we won, because I don’t think that he knows.

I believe that Obama is trying to help Putin prove to Europe that NATO can not defeat terrorism. They will say that diplomacy is bowing down to Russia and China is the only way to end terrorism. The Communists are holding the world hostage via their Muslim terrorist proxies.

Bush drilled for oil, but Obama refuses to open up more drilling. Who benefits from this? Russia, Venezuela and Iran do.   


Read my 9/11 Archives for more on my theory about how Bush expanded NATO was the final straw for the Russians and that is why they gave the green light for Iran to execute 9/11 for them.



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