Putin is Hostile Towards the USA; START Treaty is Bad, but the RINO’s Pass START Anyway

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster.com

Watch the video posted below – Great analysis by Frank Gaffney, but Gretchen Carlson is clueless about
the danger we are in when it comes to Russia. She asked Gaffney “Do you
think Russia will give us something for signing this treaty”?

Is she kidding me? What a joke…

Europe is scared to death of Putin, the entire terrorist world is building up their weapons and military up to destroy the USA and these TRAITORS are disbanding our nukes? The Russians have multi-warhead missiles and that means the USA needs to strike them immediately after they are launched to be effective.

The Russians claim that the USA can not stop their multi-warhead missiles, but I think we can if we counter soon enough (I hope). This is why the Russians do not want US missiles in Eastern Europe, because they know that range is crucial to their attack capability.

PLUS, Iranian missiles will soon be placed on Venezuelan soil, a solid member of the Russian proxy of evil.  

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RINO’s help pass START Treaty

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