Putin Supports the Euro as the Stable World Currency

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster.com

Vladimir Putin said this in Germany on Friday – “Can we assume that Russia together with Europe will one day be in a single currency zone? I can assume that.”

is slowly materializing like I have been warning for many years. The
Marxist revolution in Europe is key for the Russians to take control of
them without even firing a shot
. ‘Big Brother’ Russia will be there to help pick up the pieces after Europe collapses into economic chaos and insecurity due to riots and violence.

Now you all know why the Russians want NATO to dissolve, because it has
been their plan to isolate Europe from the USA for many years. They have
useful idiots like Ron Paul helping them with this agenda in the USA,
but still people embrace Paul as a Republican in the Tea Party. The
dumbing down of America.

Putin is the smartest and most dangerous of all of our enemies. He is so dangerous that the media does not breathe a word about this man and that is dangerous. The rest of the media is in the tank for the Russians, because they are filthy communists in their heart and they hate capitalism and the USA.

What makes Putin so dangerous? He learned from the mistakes of Stalin and Hitler and he is united with the Chinese monster to take down the USA via their proxies in Iran, Al Qaeda, Venezuela and North Korea.  They are breaking the USA financially, morally and soon militarily. How so? By spreading us out all over the globe with costly conflicts. The American left undermine these wars with rules of engagement that making winning impossible.

When the left say “These wars can only be won politically and not militarily”, they mean that conversion to socialism is the only way to avoid WWIII.  Karl Marx said “The meaning of peace is absence to resistance to socialism.” That means there will be no peace as long as capitalism is still breathing. Obama, Soros and the wealthy Marxist elite are working on that destruction and surrender as we speak.

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