Putin the Deceiver? Russian Pres wants stronger security ties with the US

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

This gesture of ‘good will’ by Russian President Putin is clever deception for the Russian collaboration with Islamic terrorism via Iran. The Russians opened up their borders to help the US in Afghanistan AFTER GW Bush left office. Putin knew up front that Obama was an ally…and he accommodated him.

The Russians built Iran’s nuke plants and they shout WW III whenever someone dares to call out the Muslim bullies, because they are fighting the US through Iran.

The Russians complained about possible CIA connection to the Chechens even before the Bush years, but Putin really thinned the herd when the Russian military reportedly massacred thousands of Chechens.

Was the CIA retaliating against Russia for the KGB/FSB collaboration with Al Qaeda via Iran? The new #1 leader of Al Qaeda was trained in Russia according to a former KGB agent that ended up DEAD.

I mentioned: Obama thanked Putin right away after the Boston bomber suspects were arrested to squash any rumors or theories about Russian involvement with the terrorists or the Boston plot.

The Russians are very clever and they handle operations like this through proxy groups that the ‘average Joe’ believes is an enemy of Russia. Well, this enemy of Russia was trained in Russia and he attacked the US.

So, explain to me how an enemy of Russia attacks the US?

ANSWER: He was never an enemy of Russia…. #deception.



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8 thoughts on “Putin the Deceiver? Russian Pres wants stronger security ties with the US”

  1. I felt sorry for the Bush’s today cause they were surrounded by commies at the library dedication. I’m surprised the three stooges showed up. Do you believe in superstitions. True story this morning my ass was itching, couldn’t stop scratching it, it was awful, than I heard on the radio Obama was flying into Texas. Guess I’ am superstitious.

      1. INTERESTING: Today’s #1 Google search to The Conservative Monster is “Putin orchestrated Boston attacks”.

        The deception that came out of Moscow regarding the Boston terror attack were TEXT BOOK Communist tactics. Give your enemy a ‘general’ warning about a future attack so responsibility could be denied when blood is spilled. Brilliant…now you know why Putin is WINNING?

        The Russian FSB taught a lesson to the CIA and the FBI about deception. The ‘tip’ was given for a reason. #sheep

  2. Steve, very insightful. Look up the Olympic games in Sochi 2014 connection. And note Sochi’s geographical location.

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