Putin vows to boost Military as Democrats vow to cut

Steve Cooper


Anyone that can’t see what is going on here is either blind or a traitor. Ignorance is not a good excuse. I am following politics and news the past 32 years. So, I am very familiar with the Democrat plan to cut the Military and weaken the USA from within.

Be prepared for a staged conflict with Russia and the USA will surrender due to being the weaker military. The long wars and George Bush will be blamed, but it will really be pre-planned. The sheep will believe it as usual….

Go to ap.org for more

Spetsnaz of Russia is visited to USA

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5 thoughts on “Putin vows to boost Military as Democrats vow to cut”

  1. firearms sales are going through the roof as i continually declare “GATHER WEAPONS AND AMMO” one day we just may have to defend ourselves from our government or theirs…

  2. Steve, after surrendering/losing to Russia, you think Putin will have Kenya Boy whacked? My guess is he will, if for no other reason than not wanting to put up with the little Nancy boy and his jumbo sized ego.

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