Quotes of the Day

These are some quotes and conversations from my Facebook page that I made.

“They are brainwashing the people that wars can not be won and that we can not afford to defend our freedom any longer. So, what is the other option? Converting to communists and Muslims?” – Steve Cooper

‎”The goal is to get the American people tired of wars that we are not allowed to win and can not afford to fight. The communists and Muslims want to break our WILL TO FIGHT and turn the Tea Party into one big anti-war movement.” – Steve Cooper

“There are many left wing libertarians like Ron Paul already infiltrated into the tea party. Communists like to manipulate massive groups like the tea party to do their deeds for them via brainwashing and controlled thought. How do they do this? TRAUMA. The trauma of war and economic disaster.” – Steve Cooper

“Lenin once said the best way to control the opposition is to infiltrate it and run it yourself. This is what I see happening to the tea party now.” – Steve Cooper

“This is all being orchestrated and there is a grand plan that we are all not talking about. These people are doing Satan’s work to gain control of the global economic system and the people.” – Steve Cooper

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