Rand Paul ‘backs off’ Voter ID comments: “I was taken out of context”

Conservative News Update:

Typical liberal…. Last week Rand Paul claimed the GOP was ‘offending’ people  by speaking out about requiring Voter ID.

3 thoughts on “Rand Paul ‘backs off’ Voter ID comments: “I was taken out of context””

  1. The following is, apparently, old news but I heard it for the first time on the radio yesterday and just about choked. Wouldn’t making a photo ID of Social Security cards render Social Security cards nothing more than national identification cards, another must-have for any Communist nation?

    Democrats embrace adding photos to Social Security cards
    By Juliet Eilperin and Karen Tumulty, Published: April 10


    1. as for the picture social security cards — well it is kind of like the new passport id cards and you can bet they will be able to be scanned — that is for the fema death camps … cheaper than dog tags… lol

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