Rand Paul drafts bill to restore voting rights for ex-cons | TheHill

Rand Paul supports voting rights for felons and he is against Iran sanctions. Does this sound conservative to you?

This fraud has many people fooled.


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8 thoughts on “Rand Paul drafts bill to restore voting rights for ex-cons | TheHill”

  1. We are talking about restoring the voting rights to felons after they have served their time. Isn’t that how our country was intended to work? You serve your time and pay your debt and you become an citizen again. Maybe some of you are taking things a little to far.

  2. Maybe this is why this good site isn’t getting traction. The people of this country need to stand for the rule of law in all cases. A felon might always be a felon but in this country under the law they are given the chance to once again (after there payment to society) regain their citizenship and be a part of this country again.

  3. SO.. Let me explain were I’m coming from. My future son-in-law was caught with his fiends with 1/2 pound on weed when he was 18 years old. He did his time paid a lot of money. He is now 38 he can’t vote, and can’t own a gun. He is one of the hardest and truthful people I have ever met in my life time. But no matter we in this country have decided he is a no good scum bag and can’t be trusted. He who has not sinned throw the first stone. Now I’m pissed at the comments above. You all need to wake up and find out who the defenders of America are and who the defenders are not.

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