7 thoughts on “Rand Paul won the straw poll at CPAC.”

  1. Rand Paul’s filibuster was a stunt timed before the CPAC convention so he would win the straw poll. #fraud

  2. I for 1 from what I have seen and read would that Rand over the others at this time. Cruz, and Rubio though are great voice, but neither of them are eligible to hold the office of President under the Constitution.

    1. well the Constitution has been ignored since 2008 🙂

      Ron Paul, Mister Constitution didn’t seem to care that Obama was ineligible. Neither does his son Rand.

  3. Paul never talked about the communist threat? He was against the wars, because he is an anti war leftist like his father. Is he really worried about Americans or protecting Muslim terrorists abroad? He voted AGAINST Iran sanctions, the only Senator. Even the Dems voted for them…so Rand Paul is further left than they are. This fraud can’t fool me…

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