Rep. Michele Bachmann says she will not run for re-election in 2014

Michelle Bachmann

Steve Cooper
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I saw this coming several years ago when it leaked out that Bachmann attained dual citizenship in Switzerland. I predicted that Bachmann was preparing to flee the US for her life once this communist Obama regime is deeply rooted. Radical Democrats foam at the mouth when Bachmann’s name is mentioned, because they hate to see strong patriotic, Conservative women like Bachmann or Sarah Palin.

TODAY, Bachmann announced that she is not running again for her Congressional seat in 2014. I was not shocked by this announcement. Bachmann knows what is coming and the International conspiracy behind it is much larger than people imagine.

Bachmann knows that she can’t defeat this NWO agenda all by herself and that this is in God’s hands at this point.


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3 thoughts on “Rep. Michele Bachmann says she will not run for re-election in 2014”

  1. I was rooting for her when she ran for pres. even though i knew the outcome. I will forever appreciate her outing hillary’s little buddy, weiner’s wife. The LORD will bless her. ..mornin’ Sir

    1. Morning…I agree. Bachmann is much braver than people think. I noticed a difference during the 2012 campaign. I believe that she felt threatened for her life and her family, because the Communist thugs in the American media were inciting hatred against her.

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