Rep Mike Rogers: It’s no coincidence that Edward Snowden fell into the ‘loving arms’ of a Russian FSB Agent”

Conservative News Update:

Rand Paul and his merry band of Soviet loving followers are trying to protect a possible Russian spy, Edward Snowden. 1.7 million files were removed from the NSA to undermine US Foreign Intelligence capabilities. Edward Snowden was not concerned about protecting your privacy; that is a cover story for his real crimes.

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7 thoughts on “Rep Mike Rogers: It’s no coincidence that Edward Snowden fell into the ‘loving arms’ of a Russian FSB Agent””

  1. The Boston Bomber suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev was trained in Russia. NSA file thief Edward Snowden? Hiding in Russia. Target credit card hacker? He was Russian. Iranian nuke plants? Built by the Russians.

    Al Qaeda leader Ayman Zawahiri? Trained in RUSSIA. Reagan defeated who?

    Now you know why my site is the most dangerous on the Internet. It isn’t for little kids that got a college degree on how to put lipstick on lol.

  2. I it was little green men from Mars that helped Snowden. That is a totally unproved statement with nothing to back it up but my ‘gut feeling’ and ‘my logical analysis’ (or more probably my faulty logic). Rep Mike Rogers said that Snowden had FSB help. He also offers zero proof of any kind to back it up. As there are no little green men from Mars, the FSB guess is a bit more plausible but is also totally unproven at this point in time.

    But whichever of the two guesses, or maybe a third one, proves in the end to be true, the FSB loves what Snowden has given them and is sure to be mining his data and loving every min. of it.

    1. Rep Rogers is former FBI and I am sure he knows more than he is saying on Meet the Press or what you know for that fact. You commie rats love the Kremlin. Communism was defeated? How did we get Obama, Bernie Sanders, Andrew Cuomo and Bill de blassio? #tcot

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