Republican guest goes nuclear on Bill O’ Reilly after he defends Obama’s minimum wage hike

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Conservative News Update:


Left wing blogs applaud Bill O’ after he sides with ‘inequality propaganda‘.


    1. And that will be the Walmart cheapie brand of bread when Walmart employees are paid $10/hr minimum. And forget driving through McDonald’s for a burger on your way home from work. You won’t be able to afford it.

  1. Basically, O’Reilly said that Republicans should roll over and give up their fight, as feeble a fight it may be, against the encroaching Communism for votes.

  2. We stopped watching “Moderate Muslim” O’Reilly many years go. Couldn’t handle the stupidity of believing there were actually moderate Muslims. The only moderate Muslims are ones that don’t practice what is in the Quran. Therefore they are not Muslims.

    1. I wonder if Bill O’ Reilly pushed to have Sean Hannity moved to 10 pm and Megyn Kelly given the 9 pm slot since they have a feud going on. Bill O’ never promoted the Hannity show as the next program, but he does promote Megyn Kelly’s show as ‘coming up next’. Interesting…

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