Retired USMC Drill Instructor R. Lee Ermey Warns: ‘Obama Driving us into Bankruptcy so they can Impose Socialism on US’

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative

R. Lee Ermey
is a true American, because he knows that patriots like him DIED to protect this country from socialism and ANY American that voted for Obama has dishonored the warriors that have died to protect this nation. R. Lee Ermey is best known for his role in the movie Full Metal Jacket.

The Average American idiot has no clue what the hell is going on and they should be ashamed of themselves. Yes, the tea party woke up many, but they are already infiltrated by closet leftists as well and the people have been so dumbed down to the propaganda that they do not even know it. Many Americans only care that they have a beer, the game is on or that a man can be openly gay an Army barrack. That will be changing soon, I can promise you, because the Marxist Elite want us all living in the stone ages like in the old days of the Soviet Union.

The oil boom has helped the Russian economy today, but unfortunately we are unable to drill (new drilling) for oil here in the good ole USA due to environmental groups that are really communists working for our enemies to undermine our economy and national security.
The communists and the RINO’s are also using the illegal alien invasion to undermine the middle class.

After watching this video you will understand why the radical left want to undermine and destroy the U.S. Military, but particularly the USMC because of their passionate patriotism and hardcore attitude. Spreading the military out thin and then defunding them due to the economy that is being smashed on purpose, so we can not afford to defend ourselves any longer.

Then brainwashing of the tea party movement (I predicted this months ago), to make it one big anti-war movement. The movement is already saturated with left wing Libertarians and revolutionaries that want communism. The left has you morons eating right out of their hands and most of you do not even know it, because of the minor victory in November. What did you win? A few RINO’s?

The Tea Party will want the wars to stop, because of the money being spent is breaking our economy. Many of the people that will be calling for this are really leftist Libertarians, because the real goal is to ACCEPT SOCIALISM and there will be no more wars. This way world communism can fall into place without the need for a nuclear war. Trust me, surrender will not save us.

This was the real purpose of 9/11 and still 9 years later most people do not have a damn clue about it. The purpose of 9/11 was to force us into Socialism, it was a communist plot. This is a war against capitalism and the Muslims are just foot soldiers for the Marxists. Drag us into bloody, costly wars and then have the treasonous Democrats undermine the troops. Very simple to understand…

I say pull the troops out immediately and begin dropping nukes on Iran, North Korea and Pakistan. Then call Russia and China to put them on notice also. That is how I would start 2011, with a BANG.   

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