Robert Redford: ‘Keystone Pipeline Would Carry the Dirtiest Oil on the Planet’ | NewsBusters

Leftists are dirty liars that want massive inflation to crush the middle class.

Notice, liberals have no problem with Russian and Arab oil? There is a reason for that. #traitors

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4 thoughts on “Robert Redford: ‘Keystone Pipeline Would Carry the Dirtiest Oil on the Planet’ | NewsBusters”

  1. “The Keystone XL tar sands pipeline would carry the dirtiest oil on the planet”

    True statement. Just looking a the stuf is hard to do. When it comes to raw oil this is as bad as it gets.

    “then most of it likely exported overseas,”

    True statement. Refined oil products, such as gas, is the number one export of the US and is making this country tons of money every day. People around the world are buying cars like mad. They all need gas and the Keystone XL will help meet that need.

    “We don’t need another pipeline for Canadian tar sands… It’s not in our national interest”

    False statement. It will make a lot of money for the US to refine and then export the gas made from the oil.

    The problem is that Redford fails to explain are the true negatives for the US of not allowing Keystone XL. The most damaging part of the process is being done in Canada and not in the US. Extracting tar sands is the bad part of the process and the US will not pay any price for that. The US is allowing someone else pay the costs.

    Second, if Keystone XL is not approved than all that raw oil will go directly to China. They will refine it and save a ton of money and the US will get nothing.

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