Roger the Marine

An incident with a friend recently reminded me of an old friend “Roger the Marine”.

Roger was 100% hard core US Marine, even after leaving the Marines. Roger hated Communists and he despised Bill Clinton as a Communist and a draft dodger. I am sure that Roger is turning over in his grave watching the Marxist Obama in action.

Roger was the boss of a major construction company and I met him in 1994, before I became a Police Officer. I was doing construction and the industry was very shaky with high unemployment. Roger loved the fact that I was so anti-communist and needless to say he gave the order to call me when they needed a man if I was out of work. This order was followed or he would have had someones head.

A Marine and a US Soldier is supposed to be anti-communist. It is supposed to be in their DNA, but that is not the case anymore these days. I get sick to my stomach when I see or hear of a liberal soldier, because I think of all of the Soldiers that died fighting Communism around the globe since the end of WWII.

If a Marine ever told Roger that he was a Clinton supporter? That Marine had better duck, because Roger’s fist would be be heading towards their mouth. That may sound extreme today, but not in Roger’s era. That was what a US Marine was all about.

Another old friend of mine (Bob) is a retired Marine and an Obama supporter. I feel the same disgust in my stomach towards Bob that Roger would have felt. I think of the blood that was spilled on foreign land fighting communism. What did it accomplish? A Communist is in the White House and he is aligned with the very enemies of the USA. Our enemies endorse Obama. 

What did that blood accomplish? It accomplished nothing, because the enemy was on domestic soil poisoning minds with Liberalism and Socialism. It is way too late in the game to care. Now you care? You are too late. Your parents and grandparents should have cared when McCarthy was brutally assaulted for pointing out the communist subversion and infiltration.

They did nothing and the next generation is going to pay dearly for it….


Copyright 2009