Ron Paul a Staunch Palestinian or Conservative?

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

Once again, I am making fun of the Ron Paul-tards. They love to repeat the big lie over and over that “Ron Paul is a staunch conservative”. It is funny that they all use that same term. They are clever little commies, but they can’t pull the wool over my eyes. I have been watching the Ron Paul loons since about 2007. I know them and their propaganda very well.

Anyone that is familiar with propaganda knows by now that Ron Paul is the closest politician that we have to a propagandist for Al Qaeda in Washington. He should be very proud. Read my archives for more, because anyone that blames terrorism on the USA deserves their own archives on my website. 

Here is a little article that a loyal Monster fan from Facebook sent to me…

A former senior aide to GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul claims Ron Paul “wishes the Israeli state did not exist at all.”

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