Ron Paul Banner Contains Anarchist Symbol in Red, White and Blue

Ron Paul Banner Contains Anarchist Symbol

Steve Cooper

Notice how the letter “A” in Paul’s name has those red, white and blue lines going up in an angle? Notice that the lines are in the colors of the American flag? Now compare that to the Anarchist symbol below it.

Anarchists are committing acts of terrorism around the globe and injuring police officers daily with their acts of violence as Ron Paul promotes them by using the colors of the flag. This man and his followers are a DISGRACE.

Why am I the only person to point this out? Where are the loud mouth Republicans like Ann Coulter that attacked the birther movement with such venom, but they are silent about Ron Paul, the fraud Republican Conservative.    

This is a subliminal message to the radical, anti-banker, anti-jew, anti-capitalist, closet Soviets that Ron Paul is WITH YOU. They know damn well what Ron Paul really stands for.

Ron Paul is a U.S. Congressman and he is well aware of the terrorist threat that the USA is facing, but he chooses to blame U.S. policies rather than OUR ENEMIES.

Who’s team is Ron Paul really playing for? 


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