Ron Paul: Compares Gaza to concentration camps; then tells Israel that they are on their own

UPDATE – I posted this article and video 2 years ago, but the video was removed by the owner on You Tube. I found another copy…..

This Ron Paul character is a fraud and a danger to national security. The entire world is seeing Muslim terrorists brutally blowing up people and slitting throats, but this old senile fool can not.

Ron Paul

is against sanctions on Iran and he compares Gaza to concentration camps? Then he states “Israel, you are on your own.” Then he states “Hamas is an elected government”. Yes, but they are terrorists that are funded by Iran and they have been killing Israeli’s for years.

Iran is training the same terrorists that are killing US Soldiers around the globe and they are also linked to 9/11 as well. A lawsuit was filed in Federal Courts by the families of the 9/11 victims against Iran due to their participation in the attacks, but this is never mentioned.

Ron Paul and his son Rand are two frauds, wake up fools.

Putin would pass out from laughing if Ron Paul ever became president, because his foreign policy is the same as a RADICAL LEFTIST. Many of his followers are rabid, Jew haters as well. I have done battle with them for many years. Way before The Monster was even created. 

Ron Paul wants to disband the CIA (a long time KGB/FSB objective). This should be considered treason and a national security threat alone.

Rand Paul canceled his Meet the Press interview, but then he went on the Russian News? This is a patriot? Putin controls the Russian media and he loves having a leftist like Rand and Ron Paul on there for a reason. They are reading the script of THE LEFT.

Closet leftists like Ron Paul, his son and the RINO’s need to be booted from the Republican party ASAP.

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