Russia and China ‘Holding the USA Hostage via Iran’

Steve Cooper
The Conservative


Russia and China fight to protect Iran from crippling sanctions

Russia built nuclear plants for Iran, but this is not on the media script that is being read to you

Why is Russia and China rarely brought up in the media as backers of the Iranian terror state? I monitor this frequently and Russia and China are barely mentioned if not mentioned at all. Russia and China are getting a free pass by the left wing media. 

Iran is one of the major oil suppliers to China; therefore China is funding their terrorism by purchasing their oil with the money that you buy Chinese products with. Use your heads…

Why is Iran allowed to hold the USA hostage?

Iran has been directly linked to AL QAEDA and the TALIBAN.

Iran has been directly linked to the deaths of US Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Iraq and Afghanistan were proxy wars against the USA and Capitalism by Russia and China. History repeating itself over and over again. When has any analyst in the media called the Iraq and Afghanistan wars a ‘Proxy War against Capitalism by Russia and China?’ Don’t hold your breath….

 Left wingers like Ron Paul defend Iran as the media calls him “Conservative” and his fans “dedicated”.

The USA is constantly under terror alerts linked to Iran. Why is this allowed? Reagan should have nuked Iran a long time ago before the American idiots were so brainwashed like they are today.


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