Russia Buys 2 Warships from France on Christmas Eve

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative

Today the Russians announced that they would be buying 2 warships from France. This is really not a new story, because this has been discussed in the past, but it is interesting that it was announced to be final on Christmas Eve. It is also interesting that a NATO partner is selling the Russians 2 warships considering their ties with terror sponsoring nations such as Iran, Syria and Venezuela.

The French have once again shown their back stabbing ways and this is why I would never, ever go to country. They should have been bounced out of NATO when they denied the USA the rights to use their airspace to bomb Libya back in the Reagan days.

The WikiLeak cables stated that Russia is a Mafia state and this fact was well known anyway, but rarely mentioned by the left wing, Soviet lovers in the American media. The KGB/FSB/Russian Mafia is running that show over there and they are and have always been a dangerous bunch.

So, ask yourself these questions:

Why are we signing treaties with Russia knowing full well:

That they sold $10 Billion worth of weapons to terror sponsoring nations last year?

Why are they buying warships? How do they plan on using them? Why do they need them and are they planning a war in the near future? Why are we signing treaties with them if they are building up themselves and their allies?

Of course the Russians have a right to buy weapons of war to defend themselves, but we have a right to not trust them judging by their criminal past of using proxies against the USA.

Why is this being announced on Christmas Eve, one of the holiest days celebrated by the West?      

China and Venezuela are massively building up their military power as well. This once again proves that Muslim terrorists are being used as the sword to our throat by the Marxists in Russia and China to destroy the USA economically by drawing us into costly wars that we are not able to win, because of being handcuffed by the UN and the Democrat Socialist Party. 

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