Russia: Nuclear Arms Cuts No Longer Enough For Global Security

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative

I found this article to be very interesting, because I had to decode what the Russians are really saying. Please read this entire editorial, because I put a lot of thought into this for quite some time and it is very interesting.

Nuclear disarmament must be pursued but real global security will happen only through a “deep reorganization” of the international system that prioritizes cooperation among states in addressing modern threats, a group of influential former Russian policymakers has said.

“This will obviously help resolve other key problems of the 21st century related to the global economy and finance, energy supply, the environment and climate, demographics, disease, transnational crime and religious and ethnic extremism,” the article states.

This is my opinion:

They are basically saying that nuclear treaties and disarmament is not enough to stop their stealth war against Capitalism, the USA and Israel via radical Islam sponsored by Iran. The global instability (economic and terrorism) is being directed by the Kremlin. The American Left is their ally and it is their goal to undermine the stability of the USA from within.

Remember that I always like to use this quote by Marx “The meaning of peace is absence to resistance to Socialism”. This sums up exactly what this war on terror is all about. There will never be peace as long as capitalism is still breathing and there is resistance to socialism. KGB defectors have also stated that it is the goal of the Kremlin to spread out our military wide across the globe as much as they can, weakening our defenses and finances all at once through an invisible enemy not directly linked to Russia (the Soviet Union). 

The elite are staging the collapse of the USA much like the USSR staged theirs. It appears that the wealthy would like to turn the USA into a country very much like China where products are made by ‘low waged workers’. This is why BOTH parties are allowing the massive influx of illegal aliens into the USA, because it is their goal to undermine the middle class to lower wages here eventually as well so they can match China. 

Global currency + Global economy = ONE EQUAL Global WAGE for all. Communism is based on total equality; therefore everyone must be equal, but it does not always work that way for the ruling elite of course. Many left wing loud mouths love to brag about China’s economy, but you do not see any of them moving there. You will also never see any of their kids working for those low wages either, because they are part of the ruling class. Those slave wages are for your kids…not theirs. 

They mention ‘deep reorganization’  and this could mean that they want a world currency to bind the global economic system into ONE, so all countries will be committed to that one system. Russia and China have publicly stated that they desire a world currency. So, this is not a conspiracy theory, this is well documented. Russia and China of course will want to control the value of this currency possibly through the UN. 

The American people are hypnotized by Obama’s radical agenda and they are not looking outside the box at the international conspiracy to weaken the USA. The American left are assisting them with this destruction of the economy and military. This has been a long term goal of the USSR and now Russia and China. They are basically saying surrender to world communism OR ELSE.

Lenin’s dream of world communism is near….

In an article to be published on Friday in the Izvestia daily,former prime minister Yevgeny Primakov, former foreign minister Igor Ivanov and two other top Russian strategic thinkers argue that the logic behind nuclear disarmament was at times an obstacle to broader action better-adapted to today’s security realities.

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