Russia Positions Warheads Near NATO Allies, Fueling U.S. Concern


By Steve Cooper
The Conservative

“You are witnessing the staged collapse of the United States by
domestic enemies within; to force us into a world government without
the need of a nuclear war. – Steve Cooper

Things are moving really fast, but don’t let this ruin your basketball game and pedicure. I have been warning about the Russian threat for many years, even way before the Internet was even invented, because I knew that these bastards were evil.

I believe there will be many terrorist events soon and eventually a massive attack from Russia and China on the United States with nuclear weapons. Then, they will ask for our surrender. Think it can’t happen and won’t happen here? That is what we heard before 9/11 as well and they hit us right in our own backyards. Sure, it is not the backyard of some of you toothless Libertarians that call themselves patriots, but your backyard is next.

The Libertarians and 9/11 truthers that shout NWO over and over see resistors of Russian global dominance as fascists. This is why they embrace Iran so much and defend Islam, because they are allies with our enemies. They are revolutionaries at war with capitalism and they see capitalists as fascists. When Bush Sr. said that “We need a NWO”, he meant that we need a global alliance to combat the ‘covert’ Russian plot to take down the United States. These were code words that he used.     

Notice in the quote above I mentioned “without the need of a nuclear war”. What that means is without the need of an “all out” nuclear war. Russia and China want a one sided nuclear war where the USA gets hit and then surrenders rather than retaliates, to prevent destruction of the world.

You are witnessing the re-structuring of the world and the global economy. This Marxist Utopia will not work with close to 7 billion people living in the world and the herd needs to be thinned via a massive war. The math just does not work folks and they have to break a few eggs to make this Marxist omelet.  

Everything has turned up a notch….

North Korea, Iran, Russia and China selling weapons all over the globe. Do you still think we are fighting a bare foot Muslim in a cave? Of course you do, because Fox News told ya so. I do not even know why I waste my time any longer, because time is now precious.

Russia wants NATO dissolved, I have stated this numerous times. This would clearly be the surrender of Europe to Putin and the Russians. The collapse of the Euro is also connected to the communists, because they want Europe to feel in despair and desperate for a “big brother” to protect them. Well, that big brother is Vladimir Putin. A massive revolution is needed for Europe to turn communist and that is the main objective here. That wall is going BACK UP, but only this time it will surround all of Europe and not just Eastern Europe.

George Bush wanted to expand NATO by adding former Russian real estate like Georgia and the Ukraine. Putin saw that as an act of war and 3 months later 9/11 happened via Al Qaeda and Iran. I am the only one repeating over and over about NATO and sure enough it keeps popping up. 

Where is Newt Gingrich now? That idiot and Hannity repeat the same BS over and over that Reagan defeated communism and it is the biggest bunch of crap that was ever stated in the history of the Republican Party. Their naivety lowered the guard of the American people since the staged collapse of communism.        

I WARNED YOU ALL, read my archives. All of you Glenn Beck blackboard warriors, I warned you all that a MAJOR WAR was coming after the election, because our enemies do not want the Republicans taking back a damn thing. DOCUMENTED. Since it did not appear on Beck’s blackboard, I was ignored. Well, just take a look at what is happening now and it has nothing to do with America’s policies like that traitor Ron Paul says.

This START TREATY that the Russians want Obama to sign brings us one step closer to SURRENDER. Golly gee, we can’t have a nuclear war with the Russians. Well, this is what they want, but they want us to disarm first so we can not defend ourselves. Don’t tell me that we have plenty of missiles either, because that is BS. WE will need everything in our arsenal ready to go…

An election will not save us, but a preemptive strike on our enemies MIGHT and then we will ask for THEIR SURRENDER. That is how it is supposed to work, not the other way around. The anniversary for Pearl Harbor is coming and so is Christmas. These dates are significant to our enemies and we need to watch them very closely.  


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