Russia says strike on Iran would be ‘catastrophe’

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

Why does nobody mention that THE RUSSIANS built this nuclear plant in Iran that is creating all of the problems? They are escaping the media limelight in the media due to FEAR of Putin. China’s money helped pay for the plant, because they are a major buyer of Iranian oil. This is an indirect way for the Communists to fund their terror proxy Iran without getting their fingerprints on it. 

The Russians are the orchestrators of Global Terrorism and for a good reason, but they are very clever about it. Their fingerprints are barely seen. This is why former KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko had to be poisoned fast, because he was talking about the link between Al Qaeda and the KGB/FSB.

It raises the price of oil and they are the #1 oil exporter in the world. The USA is banned from drilling, because the communists and Muslim terrorists want the USA dependent on them. Terrorism is being used as extortion for global redistribution of American money.

The Russians want to keep the USA weak and their Marxist wonder boy in the White House is their biggest ASSET. Ron Paul is also fighting for the Russians on a different front, by trying to throw a monkey wrench into the global battle against Global Communist subversion and control. 

It is almost CHECKMATE TIME.

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