Russia Sending Attack Helicopters to Syria

Russia Sending Attack Helicopters to Syria

Steve Cooper

I am not feeling well and I was going to take today off, but I had to post this. I was sitting here eating my Tropical Skittles and I figured…what the hell?

Listen folks, I laugh when brainwashed fools ask me for a link at this point. Just read my damn archives, because everything that you need to know is already there. I post the news BEFORE it is reported.

I will make it simple for you:

A staged World War and staged economic collapse is on the way. Just like the USSR staged their collapse so the American people lowered their guard against Communism. Then, out of the blue a new arch nemesis appears named Al Qaeda? We have only been fighting a barefoot Muslim in a cave for the past 10 years? I have a bridge to sell you….

Reagan defeated Communism? Yeah? Why do they need a missile shield in Eastern Europe then? Iran? Okay, sure stupid…

This finally vindicates JR Nyquist, ME and all of those KGB defectors that stated Russia was behind the Global Islamic Terrorist Network. This settles the debate about Russia being an ally or an enemy. Russia is clearly an enemy and they fooled a lot of people….

Staged World War

Staged Economic Collapse Courtesy of the Drudge Report:

EU: Movement of money, people can be limited…
Discusses ‘limiting ATM withdrawals’…
‘Disaster scenarios’…


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