5 thoughts on “Russia tests ICBM”

      1. Well, I was thinking about my brother cuz I had a long talk with him on the phone. We have rarely spoken thru the years. Retired staff sergeant in No. Korea back before Nam flared up. He was very smart to join up when he did. It was a calculated move on his part. I didn’t know that then cuz of the large age difference. He quit his boxing and joined the army and made little old me his beneficiary! I ws 10 and boy o boy was I proud. I have a lot of respect for his analysis on stuff.
        So I was talking about THE DISTANCE BEING MEANING FUL BECAUSE MY BROTHER HAD BROUGHT UP NORTH KOREA AND CUBA TO ME AS BEING AMERICA’S GREATEST THREAT. God, I hate having conversations with ppl while reading a book and writing on here at the same time. I swear to God if someone starts chewing loudly anywhere near me I am going to blow a gasket

  1. I feel a lot better today. Sorry for the neurotic rant, Rog! I wasn’t surprised tho to wake up this morning and see the news about North Korea yet again doing missile exercise. (I’m still half asleep. Not really sure what they’re reporting.

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