Russia Today skit ridicules Israel

Conservative News Update:

I’m curious if RT ridicules Muslims, Islam or Allah?

2 thoughts on “Russia Today skit ridicules Israel”

  1. What everyone seems to forget is that the Jews are NOT God’s chosen people anymore. The Catholic Church is Israel. We are Christians. You are all looking in the wrong place
    . The Jewish religion is a false religion who deny Christ! I am so sick of reading comments by people who call themselves Christians but then say the Jews are God’s chosen people. If that is true then why be a christian? There is no salvation outside the Catholic Church. Plain and simple!

  2. “The Catholic Church is Israel.”

    In Israel they do an official census of religion on a regular basis. The last one was done in 2011. Results show that all type of Christians make up just 2.1 percent of the population. Out of that small percentage Roman Catholics make up only 20 percent. Put another way, Roman Catholics make up about 1% of the total population of Israel.

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