Russia wants John Kerry to replace Hillary

Steve Cooper

Moscow chose Obama over Hillary in 2008 and now they are choosing Kerry over her in 2012. I have a feeling that Hillary has outlived her usefulness just like Al Qaeda leader Bin Laden did.

What happened to Bin Laden? He was set up by his masters to elevate Obama’s status. I believe that the 9/11 Libya attack was a set up to make sure that Hillary left her job ‘tainted’. – Best Selling Kitchen Supplies

3 thoughts on “Russia wants John Kerry to replace Hillary”

  1. Steve you never cease to amaze me in your cunning ability to figure these things out. John Kerry has a track record of selling his country out, PERFECT choice for Russia.

    1. Kerry is an old friend of the Soviets. I would say that this Libya attack had many reasons why Amb Stevens was sacrificed. Obama left him to be slaughtered to the wolves…Hillary and Stevens were set up.

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