Russian and American Airborne Forces Unite for Drills in the USA

Russian and American Airborne Forces Unite for Drills in the USA

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

U.S. Military leaders are sworn to defend against enemies both ‘foreign and domestic’. Are they living up to their oaths?

The U.S. Government is riddled with overt Communists that are openly preaching Communist propaganda daily as they hide behind the label Progressive. These Progressives know that they are untouchable at this point. Now, American and Russian troops will be doing ‘terrorist drills’ together ON U.S. SOIL.

Terrorist drills with the Russians? That is interesting since terrorists around the world seem to be running around with Russian made weapons in their hands. The State Dept. claimed that the War on Terror is over. So, why are these terrorist drills needed? The March Towards Socialism is Ending the ‘War on Terror’

Our military leaders should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this charade to happen. I am still against these ‘joint drills’, even if this is some type of deception for the Russians to lower their guard. Russia sells weapons via proxies to terrorists that have killed U.S. Soldiers since the Vietnam War. Someone with some guts needs to open their mouth. Allen West and Sarah Palin seem to be the only ones that have the guts to say anything.

The new #1 man from Al Qaeda, Ayman Zawahiri was trained by the Russian FSB. Notice that the War on Terror has ended now according to the State Department? So, I guess Zawahiri gets a free pass for helping to orchestrate 9/11 for Iran and Russia? The Democrats benefited very much from 9/11 as well. Think about it….

Russian warships to get NATO Communications Equipment


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