Russian Backed Propaganda Networks Claim Obama is a CIA Agent

The real question is “Good CIA or Russian Plant CIA?”

I believe that I know the answer to that Question.

Wayne Madsen, is clearly a puppet of the Kremlin as well, but I believe that this information is released to create paranoia and distrust among the people. The is a common tool and tactic of the Communists to demoralize the opposition.

5 thoughts on “Russian Backed Propaganda Networks Claim Obama is a CIA Agent”

  1. All i know is that i don’t know who the heck Obama really is or where he was born or even who his true parents were. Paranoia and distrust? Yes when we can’t rely on the media to really tell us the truth and we know they are intentionally hiding info from us and we have to sift through what info we do have to try and figure things out for ourselves then yes there is a lot of distrust. And a gov’t buying millions of rounds of hollow point bullets creates paranoia. Isn’t Obama being a CIA agent what Rev. Manning always said? I do believe Obama is in cahoots with the Russians somehow.

    1. Correct, Manning said many times that Obama was CIA, but he never got into the fact about the deep communist infiltration into the CIA. That is who Obama represents.

  2. From the article – Lifson claims a “history” by the CIA of co-opting “progressive American internationalists” and suggests this may be the case with Obama.

    Like Obama, there are serious questions about Obama’s grandfather, Stanley Armour Dunham. I attempted to answer some of these questions by requesting under the Freedom of Information Act his FBI file and discovered that it had disappeared—a matter covered at the time by the American Thinker and other conservative websites.

  3. Oh that was the missing link! I could never understand what was so bad about being a former CIA agent other than the fact that he lied about it. It’s all such a disaster.

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