Russian People Speak on the Stupidity of Americans to Believe Obama was Eligible to be President

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative

A Monster fan sent me this article, but I liked the comments about Americans even better. For once I agree with the Russians, because as they say in these comments the American people are “dumbed down retards”. Last year, I spoke with a friend that was living in Greece and she said that they are laughing at the idiots in the USA for voting in a guy that is clearly not a “natural born” American since his father is a Kenyan.

Does Kenyan-American sound like a natural born citizen to you? No it does not, but the left wing terrorists twist every lie into reality, because they are enemies of the United States. 


How gullible & stupid are the American people for falling for this bozo! – Boris

All people fall for the lies of our goverments, yes anyone who
spends millions to hide a $20 birth certificate should tell the most
retarded person in the world that something is wrong but in America they
are really dumbed down well below the retard level so to call Americans
retards is in fact an insult to retards.- Waine

This was from an American:

Most US Citizens do not believe that Barack Hussein Obama is eligible
to be the President. Only the liberal zombies, mesmerized illegal aliens
and the Afro-American racists believe that he is eligible. Many
intelligent Afro-American’s know the truth about Puppet Obama and his
gangster administration.

We the American People (Tea Party
Patriots) are ready for a Revolution to bring the USA back to it’s
original greatness without BIG Gov’t and UN Global agenda.

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